Oscars Podcast 2022 (Part 1)Listen now (146 min) | Featuring special guest Gillian Oakley!
I fell in love with you 18 months ago. We were talking about something, wrestling or movies or our favourite author James Baldwin, and I remember it…
The story I wrote for my first year thesis, aka the best fiction I've ever written.
A movie where everything's absolutely fucked beyond belief.
The first essay in two months, all about how violence is good?
The Oscars: A Predictions and Fantasy Picks PodcastListen now | We have recorded many hours of podcast to book the Oscars as they are and book our own ideal versions. Have fun!
An essay on the gay sex scene in Shame (2011) and how it stands up 10 years later. NSFW.
An ambitious, once in a lifetime masterwork forever re-contextualised by its creator's losses.
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